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Best Cardiologist in Chandigarh

In recent times, the surge of cardiac disorders has become a global concern due to the redefined norms of modern lifestyle. The contemporary way of living has drastically altered people’s perceptions of their routine activities. From sitting in a sedentary position for prolonged hours to indulging in hazardous habits like smoking and alcohol, it has become an imminent threat to succumb to cardiac ailments. The progression of these cardiac issues can lead to a heart attack, and seeking treatment from the best cardiologist in Chandigarh is the ideal solution.
Have you ever wondered about the underlying causes behind the increased risk of a heart attack? Let us delve into this matter.

What is the reason behind a heart attack?

The primary question that arises is what triggers a heart attack. The obstruction of blood flow to the heart is the primary reason behind a heart attack. The accumulation of toxic substances, cholesterol, and lipids causes this obstruction. Plaque forms in the arteries due to these accumulations, which interrupts the arteries’ role of nourishing the heart. When the plaque ruptures, it can generate a clot, causing further blockage of blood flow. This disruption in blood flow can harm the heart muscles.
Best Cardiologist in Chandigarh
Noticing the symptomatic pattern by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh: Early warning signs of a heart attack are:

Unusual chest pain

During a heart attack, the chest experiences various pain sensations that can serve as an alert. In these atypical pain patterns, the chest may undergo extreme pressure, tightness, or severe pain at irregular intervals.
You may also experience hurting sensations in your chest, which may lead to a heart attack. As advised by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital – Ignoring such painful sensations is not advisable, and seeking treatment at the earliest is essential to rid yourself of the discomfort.

Dissemination of pain throughout the body

Initially, the pain may begin in the chest. If the pain is severe, it may travel to the arms, neck, jaw, and back. Suffering from such uncomfortable conditions can make it difficult to maintain a healthy and normal lifestyle. If you have been experiencing regular discomfort in various body parts and have not been able to address it, you must get yourself tested as soon as possible. As advised by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital – Ignoring chest pain and other symptoms can increase the risk of a heart attack.

Abdominal pain

Acute abdominal pain is another concerning condition. Indigestion can cause this pain, preventing you from eating normally and digesting your food at a regular rate. Abdominal pain, nausea, and heartburn are major components and can also lead to constipation. Delaying and accepting pain are dangerous habits that can become difficult to break once it’s too late. Abdominal pain exacerbates the state of the heart, making it even more uncomfortable. As advised by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital – it’s crucial to address it as soon as possible.

Unexpected dizziness

At times, you may feel like you are losing control of your body movements, and voluntary movements may halt. As advised by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital – If you don’t address your dizziness, you may lose your balance or feel like you’re spinning. If left untreated, it may lead to a heart attack. Additionally, you may start to feel lightheaded or faint, which is an unpleasant concern because the risk of a heart attack increases in this scenario.

Breathing problems

As the pain initiates in the chest, it may begin to disrupt regular breathing patterns. Discomfort in many parts of the body, such as chest pain, extended pain in the jaws, neck or back, and abdominal pain, can lead to breathing problems. As advised by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital – Shortness of breath is a significant symptom of developing heart attack, and overlooking such a serious activity is not advisable.


Are you frequently experiencing fatigue, despite not engaging in physically demanding activities? Do you sometimes desire to laze around and do nothing? This persistent feeling of exhaustion could be indicative of a common pattern that warrants your immediate attention, as ignoring it may lead to a heart attack as advised by the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital.
Do not fall prey to an unconventional lifestyle and seek prompt resolution of your cardiac issues. To prevent the progression of unexpected heart-related symptoms to advanced stages that could culminate in a heart attack, it is imperative that you consult the best cardiologist in Chandigarh at Mukat Hospital. At Mukat Hospital, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our services, including offering affordable treatments and ensuring high-quality care that addresses the root causes of problems. Therefore, we urge you to schedule an appointment with us today for comprehensive cardiac care.

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