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Cancer Surgery:

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    Dr. Ashwani Kumar
    Dr Ashwani Kumar

    MBBS from University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi in 2008., MS (Surgery) from PGIMER, Chandigarh – 2012, MCh (Surgical Oncology) from Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Pondicherry in July 2017

    Areas of Expertise
    • Whipple’s procedures for pancreatic cancers
    • Radical cholecystectomies.
    • Gastrectomy and Colectomies.
    • LAR (low anterior resection)
    • APR (abdominoperineal resection)
    • Radical hysterectomies
    • Total pelvic exenteration
    • Radical cystectomies
    • Nephrectomies for both benign and malignant cases
    • Pulmonary Metastectomy
    • Cytoreduction for ovarian carcinomas
    • Mastectomy and Breast-conserving surgery
    • Commando surgeries
    • Maxillectomy
    • Marginal mandibulectomy
    • Laryngectomy
    • Surgeries for ovarian, stomach and bowel tumors
    • Thoracic surgery (lung and mediastinal tumors, pleural-based tumors such as mesotheliomas)
    • Breast cancer surgery
    • Genitourinary Surgeries
    • Surgery in head & neck cancer and thoracic surgeries

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    • Diagnosis and Stage of Cancer
    • Treatment Options { Procedure and Surgeries}
    • Side Effects and Management
    • Support and Lifestyle Changes

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    Mukat Hospital | Laparoscopic Surgeon in Chandigarh

    All General & Laparoscopic Cancer and GI Surgeries

    All General & Laparoscopic Cancer and GI Surgeries

    The goal of all general and laparoscopic cancer and abdominal operations is to remove malignant tissue or cure abdominal problems.
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Cancer Treatment Services
    • GI Surgeries
    • Palliative Care
    Endocrine Surgery

    Endocrine Surgery

    Endocrine surgery is the removal of a damaged gland in order to cure endocrine problems.
    • Thyroid Surgery
    • Parathyroid Surgery
    • Adrenal Surgery
    • Pancreatic Surgery
    • Neuroendocrine Tumor Surgery
    • Pituitary Surgery
    Breast Treatment

    Breast Cancer Surgery

    Breast cancer is treated surgically. Mastectomy and lumpectomy are the two forms of surgery.
    • Lumpectomy
    • Mastectomy
    • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
    • Axillary lymph node dissection
    • Oncoplastic surgery
    • Prophylactic mastectomy
    Vascular Surgery

    Vascular Surgery

    Vascular surgery is a procedure to treat a range of blood vessel problems.

    • Arterial Surgery
    • Venous Surgery
    • Endovascular Procedures
    • Vascular Access
    • Vascular Trauma
    • Aneurysm Repair
    Service with Compassion

    Service with Compassion

    25+ Yrs In Healthcare We at Mukat Hospital feel extremely proud and happy to dedicate ourselves to the cause of Continuous Technological Up gradation in the field of Medical care matching International Standards & consistent improvement in patient Care at rates affordable to all sections of society

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