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    Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

    MBBS, D.T.C.D, DNB Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Areas of Expertise
    • Beating heart coronary artery bypass
    • Total arterial CABG
    • Aortic surgery
    • Valve repair/ replacement
    • Minimally invasive cardiac surgery program.
    • ASD closure and VSD closure
    • Post MI VSD Repair
    • Surgery of Aorta
    • Surgery for HOCM
    • Peripheral Vascular Surgeries

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    • Diagnosis and Treatment Options
    • Surgical Procedures and Techniques
    • Vascular Disease Prevention and Management
    • Advances in Vascular Surgery Techniques

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    Our Services

    Varicose Veins Surgery through EVLT Laser

    Varicose Veins Surgery through EVLT Laser

    Varicose vein surgery using the EVLT laser is a minimally invasive treatment for vein issues.
    • EVLT Procedure
    • Consultation and Diagnosis
    • Preoperative Assessment
    • Laser Ablation


    RAF (radial artery fistula) is a popular vascular surgery treatment for hemodialysis access.
    • RAF Medical Services
    • Vascular Surgery
    • Interventional Radiology
    • Nephrology
    PAVD-Diabetic Foot Ulcers Gangrene

    PAVD-Diabetic Foot Ulcers Gangrene

    PAVD (Peripheral Arterial Vascular Disease) can cause diabetic foot ulcers and gangrene, both of which necessitate vascular surgery.
    • Wound Care and Podiatry
    • Infectious Disease Specialists
    • Endocrinology/Diabetology
    • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy


    Abdominal aneurysms in vascular surgery are a potentially fatal disorder that must be treated as soon as possible.
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • Laboratory Services
    • Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation
    • Follow-up and Surveillance
    Celiac Artery

    Celiac Artery

    The celiac artery is a significant blood vessel in the abdomen that provides the stomach and other organs with oxygen and nutrients.
    • Dietary modifications
    • Angioplastym
    • Surgical Revascularization
    • Follow-up Care and Lifestyle Modifications
    Portal HT patients Shunt​

    Portal HT patients Shunt

    Because of the increased risk of bleeding and hepatic decompensation, portal HT patients in vascular surgery require cautious treatment.
    • Gastroenterology/Hepatology
    • Radiology and Imaging
    • Laboratory Services
    • Nutrition and Dietary Services
    AV Malfomations

    AV Malfomations

    AV Malformations are brain blood artery tangles that can induce haemorrhages, seizures, or neurological impairments.
    • Neurology
    • Neurosurgery
    • Interventional Radiology
    • Radiation Oncology
    • Neurointensive Care
    • Rehabilitation Services
    Carotid turners and ablation

    Carotid turners and ablation

    Carotid Turner syndrome is characterised by neck hyperextension, whereas ablation is a therapy option for specific vascular disorders.
    • Carotid Endarterectomy
    • Carotid Stentingm
    • Carotid Angioplasty
    • Transcarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR)
    Service with Compassion

    Service with Compassion

    25+ Yrs In Healthcare We at Mukat Hospital feel extremely proud and happy to dedicate ourselves to the cause of Continuous Technological Up gradation in the field of Medical care matching International Standards & consistent improvement in patient Care at rates affordable to all sections of society

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