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“I just can’t thank enough each and every one of the staff for all of their dedication. I was very impressed with the dignity and respect with which the nursing staff treated me during my stay. ”

M.C Manchanda

Heart Checkup, Chandigarh

“The care that I received was outstanding, the encouragement that I was given daily was above and beyond anything that I expected. I owe a large amount of my speedy recovery to the support and care that I got from your organization.”

Kuldip Chahal

Heart Operation, Jalandhar

“I was treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect. The staff was patient, knowledgeable, caring, competent, pleasant and kind. It seemed obvious that they are well trained. I particularly loved the car and apartment set-up that you had so that I could be shown how to maneuver around those areas before going home.”

Mrs. Juneja

Cancer Surgery, Punjab

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We have great pride and pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most reputed multi super – speciality Centres in Northern India, equipped with ultra–modern and state of the art facilities for Comprehensive medical Care Right from OPD Consultations and Routine Health Check-ups to Intensive Care and Specialized & Super Specialized Surgeries. While our Hospital stands one step ahead of other similar institution in the region in terms of facilities as well as patient care…


Mukat Hospital + Heart Institute offers the very best cardiac and design in order to incidence of infection in the operating area.


Medical Oncology is a modality of treatment in cancer care which uses Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, to treat cancer in an effective manner.


Your physical strength and fitness is like a body’s mini statement which is very necessary to be maintained.


Neurons are the conduits of electrical energy and chemical energy, transmitting signals
to various parts of the

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