There can be various reasons you should visit a Gastroenterologist or, say, a digestion doctor if you face some issues with the intestine or stomach. But many of us relate to gastroenterologists just as stomach doctors, but you are wrong as they also treat normal diseases of the human body. 

So, let’s discuss some signs by which you have to consult a gastroenterologist: –

  • Rectal bleeding

If you have some blood in the stool, then it can be very severe, which means there is bleeding in the digestive tract. However, it can be due to anal fissures which need immediate attention of the doctor.

  • Experiencing constipation

If you are experiencing less than three bowel movements per week, then it is a sign of constipation. 

  • Consistent heartburn

Well, heartburn is very common these days, which is due to acid reflux or GERD. This signifies you need to visit a gastroenterologist.

  • Diet is causing bloating.

If you are suffering from bloating after having a meal or feeling some pain, then it can be due to what you are eating. So, make sure you consult a gastroenterology hospital in Chandigarh for the treatment.

  •  Lump in the throat

Maybe sometimes you feel difficulty swallowing anything, then there are chances you have a lump in the throat. Furthermore, it can also accompany the flu or sometimes cold, which can harm the digestive system.

So, these are some of the signs in which you can visit a gastroenterologist for treatment. However, for the best treatment, visit Mukat gastroenterology hospital in Chandigarh. It is one of the excellent and reputed multi-specialist hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art technology for every treatment. 

In order to get the proper treatment, visit us anytime during office hours, or you can take an appointment via a phone call.