Accreditation NABH & NABL


Following the best national standards, Mukat hospital, Chandigarh was granted prestigious NABH accreditation on 12th of Jan 2015. Mukat become the first multi-super specialty hospital of Chandigarh to get this mark of quality excellence.
In an initiative by Govt. of India to improve & standardize the quality of healthcare delivery system in hospitals accreditation is granted by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers under Quality Council of India. It has been set up to establish & operate accreditation program for healthcare organizations. It is highest quality certification for any healthcare organization in India. The board is structured to cater to much desired needs of the consumers & to set bench marks for the progress of health industry. The board has fully functional autonomy in its operations.
NABH is the standard people should be looking for while availing healthcare services in hospitals. Patients are the highest beneficiary in any NABH accredited hospital as the patients are looked after by credentialed staff only and patients.rights are protected and also patients are made partners in the treatment plan.
Compliance of standards ensure that the healthcare delivery is transparent, patient oriented, safety conscious, standardized systems and on the continuous quality improvement curve. This not only gives patients a world class healthcare delivery system but also ensure their safety through established standards. Hospitals undergo a peer review of the implementation of the laid down standards which are mainly focused on patient safety.

  • NABH is an Institutional Member as well as a Board member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (lSQua).
  • NABH is a member of the Accreditation Council of International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).
  • NABH is on board of Asian Society for Quality in Healthcare (ASQua).


Department of Laboratory Medicine is accredited by NABL. Only hospital Laboratory to have this mark of excellence in Chandigarh. The laboratory is fully computerized and equipped with state of artfully automated analyzers. The diagnostic facilities available are Haematology, Biochemistry, Special Haematology, Microbiology, Serology and Cytology.
All these facilities are available round the clock. The quality of tests is maintained by trained and highly experienced professionals and is being supervised by consultant biochemistry and consultant pathology. Accreditation ensures a quality oriented system leading to highly reliable results for accurate diagnosis for the right treatment of patients.